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Our Approach

Have you ever been told by your medical doctor that you or a member of your family had a specific disease, syndrome, or sickness? Did your doctor then recommend a drug or surgery to fix the issue, or tell you that you would have to live with it for the rest of your life? If so, you are not alone!

iCAN Clinic is unlike any medical clinic you may have been to. The clinic team is focused on finding and fixing the CAUSE of your problem vs. seeking out and treating only the symptoms. iCAN Clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, as well as rehab equipment, and chiropractors who have been uniquely trained to treat your whole body, regardless of age, and return your body to a healthy balance so that it can heal itself the way God intended.

If you are tired of trying to treat your symptoms using prescription and over-the-counter pills, or may even be considering surgery, then iCAN Clinic may be right for you! Or maybe you want to be proactive with your health and prevent sickness and disease before you begin to suffer any symptoms, allowing you to live the full life you deserve, then make iCAN Clinic your partner in health!

My Story

As Dr. Michael Harbison was growing up in the small town of Quincy, Illinois, little did he know how the town’s and his family’s passion for the military would shape his future. Dr. Mike was a natural athlete who loved to be active. Growing up he always wanted to be a surgeon like his uncle or a soldier. Little did he know that his dream of being a soldier would lead him down a different path. He was an infantry soldier attached to Alpha Company 2-69 for the invasion of Iraq. His unit was the spearhead for the invasion. That is where the change of Dr. Mike’s life happened. During the war Dr. Mike sustained a Spinal Cord injury that would forever change who he was and going to be.

When the injury was so bad that Dr. Mike was having a lot of troubles he went to the Troop Medical Center. After years of examinations and multiple doctors were done, Dr. Mike was told, “We’re sorry, but you have bulging discs that are pushing on your chord and we are going to have to perform an exploratory back surgery to see exactly where the damage is because the tests just can’t pinpoint it.” So he decided to weigh his options because this didn’t sound like a good idea. Dr. Mike opted to not have the surgery. He asked the neurosurgeon what about maybe going to a chiropractor. He was not a believer, but his parents had always gone. The neurosurgeon looked at him very angrily and said,” If you want to go that route and get paralyzed then you go right ahead, but don’t come back here for me to fix you!!” After that Dr. Mike was medically retired from the military with a number of physical dysfunctions that he was told to live with. It seemed as though every doctor he went to would not listen to him they just pushed a prescription his way and told him to come back later. Finally Dr. Mike decided to try chiropractic after a 3 year battle with no help. The pain was still there and all attempts had failed. At the chiropractors Dr. Mike was told, “Oh yeah I can fix that I do it every day!” This didn’t help ease Dr. Mike as he always remembered what the neurosurgeon in Georgia told him. The Chiropractor put him on the table and gave him his first adjustments. As his nervous system was being awakened Dr. Mike was feeling amazing after the first treatment. So he continued to go back daily and then a couple times a week. After 2 months Dr. Mike was feeling like his old self again. He then knew this is what he had to do.

After Dr. Mike’s path was changed by that back injury, he knew he wanted to make a real difference in people’s lives. He committed himself to a career in Chiropractic Wellness Care and would go on to graduate from Logan College of Chiropractic with advanced studies in advanced nutrition, scoliosis care, ADD & ADHD, Autism, functional neurology, internal health, and anti-aging.

As Dr. Mike says, “There is always an answer. You just have to find the right doctor who will listen and knows the God given power of one’s body to heal itself.” It is now Dr. Mike’s mission to empower each person to no longer be a victim of their health or circumstances and instead learn how their body works and how to achieve a state of total wellness.

Dr. Mike has become a sought after speaker in the health and wellness community, speaking on topics ranging from autism to how to treat the pregnant patient. He has helped businesses both large and small save hundreds of thousands of dollars by assisting in their health and wellness programs.

When looking for a Wood River chiropractor, call Dr. Mike Harbison for a free consultation.