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Back and Neck Pain

Unrecognizable Young Man Waking Up In Morning With Neck And Back Pain

Back and Neck pain of any kind can severely limit your life and make your days frustrating.

Do you suffer from occasional or chronic back and/or neck pain, but can’t find low-risk, non-invasive procedures that work for you? At iCAN Clinic, we are dedicated to offering those in the Edwardsville area the non or minimally invasive options for back and pain relief that they want. Our pain relief procedures can get you back on your feet and enjoying life again. Get your back and neck pain under control without drugs or surgery.

What Causes Back Pain and Neck Pain?

More than 90 percent of people experience back pain or neck pain at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, many people do nothing about it and suffer from symptoms that often worsen if left untreated. The team at iCan Clinic can usually determine the factors contributing to the problem, relieve the pain, and resolve the situation.

Back pain or neck pain can be caused by work tasks, habitual postures, or overuse. More obviously, the pain may result in a serious injury such as a fall or other accident. Sometimes, a spinal problem can cause pain to radiate to the arms, legs, or head. Spinal issues can result in a loss in productivity at home and work and keep you from doing the things you love.

Diagnostic terms which describe specific types of neck pain and back pain include:

    • Osteoarthritis
    • Degenerative Disc Disease
    • Disc Herniation
    • Spinal Stenosis
    • Myelopathy
    • Bulging Disc
    • Radiculopathy
    • Spondylosis
    • Spondylolisthesis
    • Lumbago
    • Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction
    • Sciatica
    • Whiplash
    • Pinched nerve
    • Injury from accidents—such as whiplash

When should I see a doctor if I have back pain or neck pain?

If you suffer from back pain or neck pain, you should seek treatment intervention as soon as possible. Individualized treatment can help alleviate your symptoms, whether it is a new problem, are current problem, or along-term situation. While it is never too late to address your back pain and neck pain, the earlier the issue is addressed the more quickly you will like lyres pond to treatment. Therefore, it is always better to take action now, rather than to wait.

You may not realize how important your neck is until you suffer from neck pain. It becomes difficult to just look at your phone or nod your head “yes” and “no.” The pain-free function of your neck is essential to your life, which is why we offer non-invasive solutions to those living with neck pain in the Eswardsville area.

Back pain can also interrupt your life. Many people with severe back pain find they can no longer pick up their grandchildren or even pick up a grocery bag off the floor. Your ability to lift items, get out of bed or even get on the floor to play with your children can be severely limited with back pain. You do not need to suffer. iCan Clinic treats people just like you each and every day. Helping them to regain their meaningful life!

How is Back Pain and Neck Pain Treated?

Many physicians will recommend surgeries or heavy doses of medication to deal with these causes of back pain. However, most people who suffer from back pain don’t want to take extended time off work for surgeries or rely on long-term drug plans. Here at iCan Clinic, we focus on drug free non-surgical intervention to assist you in healing from back and neck issues.

iCan Clinic’s treatment for back pain and neck pain focuses on the structures that support the spine and its joints, including muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The general approach is to reduce pain and stiffness, strengthen muscles and restore mobility.

Our medical team will perform an examination to determine the factors contributing to your back pain or neck pain. They will create a customized treatment plan for your individual needs to decrease pain, increase flexibility, improve strength, and ultimately restore skilled function.

The specific treatment is individualized for each patient, dependent on the outcome of the evaluation and ongoing spinal assessment as treatment progresses. The overall goal is to return to normal function.