Could You Have Low Testosterone? (Low-T)


Most men don’t realize that after the age of 30, testosterone levels slowly begin to drop (nearly 1% per year on average). This stage of a man’s life is often referred to as andropause.

Obviously it leads to low testosterone, but it’s not the only cause, however.

There are many factors at play when a man's testosterone levels drop. Even just looking at the Testosterone levels for a blood test is not enough. First off many doctors forget the fact that the normal testosterone levels on a blood lab are for men from 18-80 years old. Well, if I'm 35 I do not want the normal range for an 80 year old. But if you fall in those numbers they tell you there is nothing they can do for you.

We are different.

Most doctors are at the mercy of insurance or pharmaceutical corporations. Unnecessary tests are often performed and not because they’re needed but because they’re quickly reimbursed.

Other necessary tests get left out because they take too long. But that’s not how we do things. We don’t work for them — we work for patients who want real results. Your  health is our primary focus and that is why we offer our clients such a high level of wellness care.